Teacher Trainers Graduate - And More

It's been a while since I've connected with you and there is so much to share. Ever since I spoke to you all about shifting the structure of Embody Tantra, I have been behind the scenes continuing to share with the community and completing programs that were already scheduled!

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Taking a Huge Leap and Overcoming Fears

This week all of our teachers in training are teaching their first self-produced practice class. Each of these trainers have been devoted students and practitioners for many years with me and I am so excited for them to take this next step!

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What your body needs to experience more pleasure...

I was working with a couple recently who had been fighting and feeling disconnected. They wanted to talk to work out the details of the challenges they have been having...and they wanted to learn techniques that would make sex better for both of them.

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'I didn't want to be seen as 'weak' or 'needy' ~ By Angela

Honestly, practicing Tantra had never even crossed my mind...until I landed a part-time job as an event planner with Charu and Embody Tantra. On my own, I wouldn't have sought out this practice - especially being single!

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Wow!! I'm so amazed at the response for tomorrow's Tantric Taster. 

It's in such high demand that we have oversold the event!! 

Sign-ups are still coming in even after our SOLD OUT email went out, and even after we took down the registration link on our website. 

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'I have always been looking for that goal, success or relationship that would tell me that I had won.' ~ Maya

When I first got this assignment [to write about ‘What is Tantra’], I thought for sure I was in trouble. We were told to give an answer not based on research or books. Well, I know where I got my current answer---it’s based on the interview I did for Charu! I couldn’t imagine how I was going to find an answer authentic to me with her words ringing in my head. 

Posted on July 1, 2015 .

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Explore a Side of Yourself That Was Lost a Long Time Ago

The body knows. No matter how much positive thinking you do or how much awareness you have, you can't hide from what is being held in your body. Some eye-opening comments have been showing up lately on the blog…

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Tantra Saves Me Again and Again from Myself

I have, for a very long time, been committed to ‘perfection’ ~ whatever that really means. I have assessed every situation and strategically made choices that would have me show up in the best way possible.  Somehow I was wired to believe that if I did it ‘wrong’ (by whose judgement? I don’t know…) I would die, I would be punished.

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‘I Was Afraid that if Anyone Really Saw Me, They Would Abandon Me.’ ~By Rachel

Before I started tantra, I thought I pretty much had it all together. My relationships were good.  I had good sex and could orgasm. Everything seemed fine to me.  Then one night, my lover asked me to make love to him - not just have sex with him.

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