Tantric Tip #1

The Tantrika Recommends: Part of living a Tantric life means taking care of yourself in every way. Learning to use your body as a conduit for allowing energy and pleasure to flow through. There are so many ways you can choose to support yourself...one of the ways that I do it is through a regular yoga practice and bodywork.

I can't say enough good things about Matthew Cohen, founder of Sacred Energy Arts in Santa Monica www.sacredenergyarts.com. I go to his Tuesday and Thursday morning yoga and I can feel my body getting stronger. Because his studio is small you don't get lost among hundreds of people in class and you get to experience that lost art of the teacher actually supporting you in finding the deepest stretch and best alignment for your body.

I also recently had a massage/bodywork session with him. He supported me in unlocking parts of my body that I cannot stretch on my own, releasing some emotional trauma that I have been holding onto in my body and re-connecting with a freedom and flow...seriously good stuff!

I feel like Matthew's studio is one of the best kept secrets in LA...he is a true teacher able to support very real transformation.

Come and join me for Yoga or book a session with him... 310.403.3124 / www.sacredenergyarts.com

**Matthew has agreed to extend an offer to my students to come to their first Yoga class FREE! AND for $50 off your first bodywork session with him!** (just let him know that you heard it here and redeem the offer by mid-october 2008 ) 8)

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

in love,


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Posted on July 19, 2008 and filed under Tantric life, Tantric Tips.