Re-Sensitize and Experience Deeply...

This week we will explore this Sutra: "Feel the cosmos as a translucent ever-living presence." ~Shiva / Vighyan Bhairav Tantra

One thing I am examining at the moment is the feeling of seperate-ness. The absolute cutting feeling of isolation and loneliness that most of us live with thinly disguised by an understanding that the universe is greater than just us. For many of us, this understanding comes purely from our minds, from something that we have read, heard or seen that resonated with us. We took it on because it made us feel slightly less alone.

In some ways, this idea has held us back. It has kept us from coming in contact with the feeling of separation that is the gateway to an experience of our alone-ness. Once we taste the sweetness of our alone-ness we can begin to truly experience the full-circle...the truth that alone-ness and oneness are the same.

But don't believe this just because I say it's so...come to class tonight and experience what is keeping you seperate from the 'translucent, ever-living cosmos'. Recognize your own body as a micro-universe and allow yourself to be penetrated by this presence of the cosmos- experience the oneness.

That part of you that is longing for the 'perfect partner' to come along and cure your lonliness may wake up to the reality that what you seek is available to you in every moment... What a relief! Weekly Meditation:

  • Take a moment to sit quietly and allow your inner-critic (yes, the one you have been trying to shut-up for the last ten years) to go wild. Become deeply in contact with all of the things you hate about yourself.
  • Drop the images and words and allow yourself to feel the isolation.
  • Magnify the feeling of isolation and dive into the center of it.
  • Experience the sensations in your body
  • Rest for 5-10 minutes

This will begin to show your body that what you have been avoiding is actually your greatest teacher and a super-highway to the truth.

in love,


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