Sex and Light...

This week we will explore this Sutra: "Consider your essence as light rays rising from center to center up the vertebrae, and so rises 'livingness' in you." ~Shiva / Vighyan Bhairav Tantra

I am inspired by this sutra because I feel it addresses a big question for everyone about Tantra...what does sex have to do with spirit and how can I discover the best of both?

In this class we will explore our arousal...awakening the lower chakras and connecting with the power of our sexuality. Then we will begin to invite that energy to penetrate our entire body in the form of light.

Most of us are fragmented in our bodies...we are talking heads, or if we are lucky we can even connect our head to our heart...but we are cut off from the lower half of our bodies. Our arousal and sexuality and life force move within us, but they are often caught in a 'holding pattern'. We continue to follow our sexual impulses, but we receive little lasting satisfaction from our encounters and they often leave us drained.

By releasing the blocks in the body we make way for the sexual life-force energy to rise up the spine. This translates as a genuine connection to the divine and an experience of aliveness flowing through our entire body. Many of us are longing for this connection, but we are lacking in the tools to pave the way towards experiencing this. Weekly Meditation:

  • Sitting comfortably, imagine being made love to in the most delicious way possible. Allow the fantasy to be fun, sexy, nasty...whatever it is that truly begins to awaken your genitals. (Try doing this without touching yourself).
  • Once you are aroused, give up the fantasy and relax completely. You can stay sitting or lay down. Allow the aliveness that you have awakened to move through your body without interfering.

*If you are working with a partner, you can do step 1 by sharing the fantasies with each other. Allow one partner to share fully, without interruption and then the other partner shares. Move to step 2 without any talking or touching.

This will begin to show your body what is possible when you allow the arousal to ripen within you, rather than expressing it through orgasm.

in love,


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