Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Hello Friends,

Recently my vision of community has been manifesting effortlessly.  My beloved teacher and friend Dawn Cartwright has come to stay with me for seven weeks and many things are falling into place as I discover life with her.

The other day she invited me to come swimming in the ocean.  I have lived in LA almost 5 years and I have never swam in the ocean...I have always had a very good reason - it is too cold, I don't want to be wet, the current is too strong, etc, etc, etc.

She was so excited and inspiring that I set aside my reasons and dove in with her.  The waves were particularly aggressive and we both wound up getting tossed about and feeling a bit shaken by our sea experience.

Even though all of the reasons that had been keeping me from diving in for all of these years were totally valid, something amazing happened.  I felt a new aliveness arising within me.  I felt renewed by the kiss of the sea and everything about me felt vibrant.  My heart felt like it was bursting out of my chest.  Wow.  Here I have been longing for spa treatments and I had no idea that I could feel so relaxed and revitalized by engaging with the nature around me.

Today we went back to the sea.  I was still a bit shaken and chose to dip in just near the shore.  Dawn swam bravely out to where the day before we were nearly swallowed by the waves.

As I watched her swimming I remembered how liberated I felt being carried by the waves yesterday before my fear got in the way.

Wading by the shore I felt small with fear.  How much of my life have I been living this way?

As I have gotten older I realize that much of my life is now about inviting in more experiences that I already know I like, experiences that make me feel comfortable and safe.  The more experiences I have, the easier it has become to categorize the ones I like and would like to repeat and the ones I dislike based on a past experience that was uncomfortable.  The more resources I have the easier it is to create this 'comfort zone' and live within it.

My experience in the ocean has changed me and I intend to go back again and again now that I have discovered how magical it is.  It has permeated my life and offered me a clear picture of how I have been living and making choices. It has also shown me what is available to me when I have the courage to step out of my comfort zone.

Life is so short.  Why waste your time playing it safe?  What is keeping you from diving in?  Press every boundary and taste what it is to truly be alive.

Join me this Sunday for a unique Puja experience and experience life on a new level.

in love, Charu

Tantra Puja Sunday October 26th

Downtown LA . 6-11pm . $40 per person

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In this Puja we will be exploring the 'tattvas' or universal categories.

For the Tantric every moment is an opportunity to touch life more deeply.  Through these tattvas we will explore how to truly penetrate and receive life, learning to live our lovemaking in everything we do.

These Pujas are not to be missed.  My largest monthly event, the Puja creates an amazing atmosphere of aliveness.  Our beautiful venue 'Project Butterfly' allows us to celebrate and play with delicious homemade food and wonderful conversation long after the ritual is complete.  Please register as soon as possible since these events fill up fast.

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