Let's Get it On!

This week our focus is on the Sutra: "Even remembering union, without the embrace... transformation." ~Shiva / Vighyan Bhairav Tantra

Isn’t it time we embraced the humanness of our sexuality?

People often think of Tantra and Tantric sex as one thing. Some kind of very slow and quiet exchange of energy….and yes, it is true that as you become more and more sensitive, less and less movement is required for you to feel the orgasmic flow of energy moving through the body. Having said that, Tantric sex is quite simply, sex that you are present for.

Most of us have no idea how much we have been disconnecting from the lower half of our bodies. Through the Tantric meditations we begin to re-sensitize and come alive to all that we have been cut off from. The more we experience what it feels like to be connected, and practice being connected to ourselves, in our own bodies….the more we are able to bring more of ourselves to our lovemaking.

Once you are connected to your own body, and able to stay present to yourself and your partner…then all kinds of lovemaking becomes 'Tantric'.  Slamming one another against walls, hanging from the chandlier, longing to fuck so badly that you can taste it...all of these very human and natural desires can become your meditation.

In this weeks class we will go on a journey beginning with exploring the depths of our animal sexuality through to discovering and experiencing a totally new way of relating and making love.  We will embrace the full spectrum of being human and therefore a sexual being.  You will have the opportunity to move through your judgments about your own desires and dive into exactly what feels good for you.

If any part of you has longed to understand and experience the true essence of Tantric Lovemaking....don't miss this class!

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