Sensuality and Your Spine...

This week the focus in on the Sutra: "Place your whole attention in the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, in the center of your spinal column. In such be transformed." ~Shiva / Vighyan Bhairav Tantra

How often do we really think about what we are made of?

This vessel that we call the body...this intricate machine that holds in it a person with hopes and dreams and dramas. This miraculous body with skin that will actually grow back together when we cut it, muscles that adapt as we stretch and strengthen them, a heart that pumps blood through our veins every moment of every day.

We live in a world that has become completely disconnected from the body. The way we handle medicine, birth, eating, lovemaking is shocking. Guns are legal and being naked is not....I could go on and on...

Beyond any spiritual or political journey or attitude, we are missing out on the best, most delicious elements of life.

As much as we have unconsciously disconnected, our bodies have faithfully stored all of our lifes' experiences. Our pleasures and pains. Pockets of un-felt feelings live in our tense joints and joys yet to be experienced lie waiting just beyond protective layers.

One of the keys to coming back home to the body is awakening the spine. The spine carries the messages from the brain to the body and body to brain. It has long been acknowledged in ancient traditions as the connection between heaven and earth.

This week in class we will re-discover the wisdom of our spine and allow it to gently invite us home to our bodies.

Try this meditation:

  • Sit in a comfortable seated position and become aware of the breath moving in and out of the body
  • Begin to rock the pelvis forward and back
  • Allow the spine to follow the pelvis...feeling the snake-like movement originating from the pelvis and traveling up the spine
  • connect the movement with your breath and experiment with a range from a big rocking motion to tiny imperceptible movements.
  • after 5 minutes allow the body to come to a stillness and sit silently for 5-10 minutes

Begin to discover the power and the sweetness of allowing energy to move through the spine.

in love,


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