Everything You Have Ever Heard About Tantra is a Lie.

In the West, Tantra has sadly come to be known purely as a sexual practice. It conjures up images of orgies and casual encounters in the name of something sacred. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Tantra is a path of meditation above all things. An offering of tools to support you in becoming more aware, conscious and alive. To bring you home to the present moment. What sets Tantra apart from other meditation paths is that it acknowledges the importance of being alive in a body, being a sexual being. Many modern 'seekers' find ourselves 'top-heavy', focused on opening our heart, third eye and crown chakras in an effort to experience perpetual bliss.

Problem is that this bliss becomes a way to disconnect, a way to escape. It is not grounded in the body and because of that it cannot be integrated. Tantra recognizes that by using the very energy that makes us human, we can ground ourselves in our humanity and experience the divine here on earth. We can begin to integrate and LIVE a life grounded in a spirituality that is deeply rooted in our bodies.

If you feel that you have a deep connection to your spirituality, but in your very human life you are:

  • not experiencing freedom or abundance in your work
  • feeling isolated
  • in a space where you understand mentally what you 'should' do or feel in any given situation, but notice that your relationships with family and friends are not as enlightened as you would like them to be
  • are touching deep fulfillment and aliveness during yoga class, while reading Eckart Tolle, or during your favorite meditation/prayer practice... but are not feeling that kind of fulfillment, pleasure or joy in your relationships and sex life

...then it's time to dive in and experience what Tantra can offer you

All of my upcoming events offer a safe environment for you to have an embodied experience of your divine nature and begin to integrate that experience into your interactions with others. We will use breath, movement, sound & partner meditations throughout each event, the foundation of the work is one of deep respect and reverence. You don't have to work for years to receive the benefit that comes from Tantra, shifts made from this space are directly integrated into how you live your life. You will find that you feel even closer to the teachings and practices that are important to you.

Through the Tantras (techniques) you will begin to let go of the 'shoulds' and wake up to allowing life to evolve. When you are in connection with your body and in harmony with life, when you recognize the divine on a visceral level with those you interact with, you have moved beyond 'trying to live in alignment with your highest self' because you have simply remembered and embodied both your divinity and your humanity.

What a relief.

Would you like to use this article?  You may as long as you include the following information along with the article: Charu Morgan has dedicated her life to Tantra. Over the past 10 years she has studied and shared Tantra worldwide.  Best-known for her candid Memoirs of a Tantrika blog (soon to be published as a book) and her down-to-earth approach, she is committed to educating modern minds on the ancient secrets of Tantra through events, workshops & home-study courses.  If you would like to discover how Tantra can Transform your life, register online for the Memoirs of a Tantrika weekly ezine at www.embodytantra.com and receive your free audio report Better Sex, Richer Life through Tantra.

Upcoming Events with Charu

Beginner Tantra for Couples

July 5th 6-8:30pm . Culver City $100 / $75 if registered before July 1st

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Tantra Puja Ritual

July 19th . Santa Monica $60 per person / $50 if registered before July 11th

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And if you just can't get enough of Tantra (like me) here are some events coming up this weekend, with my beloved teachers and friends hosting...

with Dawn Cartwright

Tantra Experience

Friday night 6.26 . 7:30pm . Santa Monica


with Psalm Isadora

full-day Red & White Tantra Event

Saturday 6.27 . 10am- 6pm


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