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Wow.  Over the last several months my business has been growing at an accelerated speed and through this I have learned so much about the relationship between being busy and being a woman. Basically, I noticed that with large doses of tasks, responsibilities, deadlines and hours staring at the computer screen… it is really difficult for me to feel like a natural, vibrant, alive, sensual woman.  It is difficult for me to remember to take time to nourish and care for myself and even more difficult for me to consider my relationship.  After all, cuddling wasn’t on my ‘to do’ list and it is definitely not getting me any closer to my ‘daily goals’.  YIKES!

I also noticed that while in many ways I have become more confident as I come into my own, I have developed a bit of an ‘uppity’ edge when chatting with my sweetheart lately.  And not only that, but I have been seriously dumping piles of ‘I have been working all day and I need to download everything to you because I can’t hold it all inside of me’ onto him…. oh dear.

Somehow in the middle of adjusting to this new me who has been carrying around my business like a tail everywhere I go, I managed to notice that for months my beloved has been complaining of back pain and I have done absolutely nothing to support him.

I, who have studied therapeutic Yoga, reiki healing and generally is simply an expert with loving touch, have not stepped forward to show up and support my man in a simple way that could truly help his quality of life.  What have I been thinking?

So, I made a choice.  An effortless one really because it is so rewarding and easy.  I have chosen to wake with my love and give him a therapeutic yoga massage every morning before he goes to work for at least the next 21 days.

This covers so many bases, more than anything it gives me an opportunity to spend some time loving him that is not about unloading, talking, sharing, or even sex-ing.

… I hope you are paying attention, because that was important.  How much time are you devoting to loving?  Yourself, your love, your family?  What else is there that could possibly be more important?

It has only been two days and already magical things have opened up between us.  On day one we made eye contact while I stretched his leg and I suddenly saw my love, I saw the love that is inside of me reflected in his eyes, I saw the love that we share with one another, I forgot about my ‘to do’ list.

I invite you to join me in a 21 day commitment to love.  What does that look like for you?  What is something simple that you can do to more fully experience the love in yourself and in your relationships?

in love,


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