Tantric Sex, described in detail...

Hello Beloved Friends, I am often faced with the question, How will Tantra really change my life?  My relationship?  And, let's face it, everyone secretly (and some not-so-secretly) wants to know how it will change their sex-life.

The other day I was sent an email from a client of mine describing a recent lovemaking experience with her boyfriend.  I really felt she said it all.  Everyone's experiences are different, but I trust this will give those of you who still have questions a greater context of what is possible.

Because of the intimate subject matter she has asked to remain anonymous... you can read her thoughts just below my signature.

in love, Charu

"The other night I had the most incredible experience during lovemaking, it began simply, our breathing began to synchronize naturally.  I made a conscious effort to feel my feet, I could feel his heart beating, and it was as though our hearts were beating in the same rhythm.  When he entered me, oh - my - god... we were just moving like a wave.. it didn't take any thought, my body was just doing it, I felt like we had almost become one body.  Rather than having an out-of-body experience, for the first time in my life I felt totally embodied.

After he had an orgasm, he asked me if I wanted to masturbate a little while he sucked on my breasts and the most remarkable thing is that while I was doing it, I felt my old patterns come up, I was starting to go into my world 'trying' to orgasm, so I made a conscious decision to stop.  I began to gently play with his penis and although he did not get completely hard again, I was able to take him inside of me.  Feeling his half-erect, partially soft penis inside of me was so delicious and amazing.  I felt every gentle move he made and how it brought us closer.  I had a feeling of total union.  You know how sometimes the deep pounding of having sex feels amazing, this was not about that.. it felt like we were just meshing, like his penis was becoming a part of me.

Afterwards, I actually felt like I was on ecstasy I was so high, and we just rested together in bed for hours, holding one another...pure magic.  It was definitely my most amazing lovemaking experience ever.  And the crazy part is that it gets better and better and better every time we do it, I almost can't imagine it getting any better.

I am so grateful for the Tantric practices opening the door to these experiences for me."


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Have you had a remarkable experience of Tantric sex?  I would love to hear about it... leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to remain anonymous.

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