Giving it up...

What an amazing weekend.  I shared the work I love so much in a two day workshop. After the workshop ended, I felt something new open up inside of me.  I felt warm and open and vibrant.  When my Love and I got home we made love and it had a new and dynamic playfulness and passion.  I allowed myself to enjoy him and delight in his body.  I feel like for some reason every so often I don't let myself have all the pleasure that is avaialble because on some level I am busy holding a grudge on man or living in fear that if I truly surrender to this I have somehow lost the upper hand.  I don't know exactly what I am fighting for, perhaps it is just an age-old power struggle.

What I will say is this, life is so much sweeter, lovemaking is so much sweeter, my relationship is so much richer when I give it up.  Give up trying to be right, give up carefully controlling how much love I express in any given moment, give up holding back, give up protecting myself.

As I gave up last night I felt my body open.  I let my Beloved touch me so deeply that it scared me.  I felt an ache inside of me that his penetrating seemed to aggravate...and still I surrendered.  And somehow magically, my body opened up and I allowed him to uncover this long lost part of me.

It is tender, it is raw.  It is the unknown place... where I am not a teacher, not a lover, I cannot be defined.  I don't know myself.  The place where I simply 'am'.  And then I don't have to worry about any 'Tantric Technique' or how to 'get it right' or how to 'be a good person' or 'seek enlightenment' or even how to achieve multiple orgasms... in this moment of presence those ideas and stories have no space to survive...

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