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Dear Friends,

I have spent the last few weeks meditating on what I could share with you to begin to open the doorway into this mysterious world of Tantra.... to give you an insiders look at what Tantra has given me and how it can transform you.

The result is a 4-part video series which I will share with you over the next several days. It is my intention to satisfy some of your curiosities, answer real questions that I am asked all the time and draw back the curtain to give you a glimpse of a Tantric life. I am also giving you real tools that you can begin with right away to get you started on your own journey (or take you deeper if you have already begun).

(VIDEO) Divinity & Humanity

In this video I will be answering the #1 question that I am asked over and over again...

I hope you enjoy and I would LOVE to hear your comments, I will definitely be reading them all and answering questions...

(VIDEO) Divinity & Humanity

in love,


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