Frequently Asked Questions About The Awaken Weekend . April 30/May 1 with Charu

Beloved Friends, Wow! I am so excited about the response for my upcoming Awaken Weekend April 30/May1 in Los Angeles. With over 3,000 views on my FR*EE video training (if you have not seen the videos you can receive them in our 'Tantra start-up kit'…  our community is growing like never before and I feel so ready to welcome everyone with open arms. I also have so much gratitude to those of you who have shared the videos with friends.

I have so much to share with you and this weekend is the perfect way to begin your Tantric exploration. More than anything what you will feel during this weekend is LOVE. So much love. Love from within yourself, love from the others in the group and the love that surrounds us in every moment. It might sound cheesy, and there is really no good way to explain it in words, but I am not the first one to say 'all you need is love'… it's what we long for most, it's what makes us shine, it's what allows us to trust, it's what pulses through our veins as we come alive, it's the nectar…

Whatever the reasons that have brought you to be a part of this community and explore with me, somewhere at the heart of it is love. Allow me to re-introduce you to yourself, to the love that is what you are made of, allow me to show you a life lived from this place of love and beyond fear, allow yourself to taste that this April 30.

If you have not already registered you can do so now by going to:

Here are some questions that have been coming up about this event and some answers to help you decide if this is right for you:

1. {From a woman} Will there be 'smarmy dudes' who take my attending alone as an invite to hit on me?

Nope. Here's the conversation blooming on Facebook from men & women who have attended as individuals (and my 2 cents):

  • Charu Morgan ‎1. Most 'smarmy dudes' are not attracted to my work… I tend to attract people who are ready and willing to be sincere and honest, 2. A "smarmy dude' is usually a man who is the same as any of us; desiring a connection, love, union and going about trying to fulfill that desire in a way that is not effective. I create a space for vulnerability, this is a magical balm that can transform all of us back into our most radiant selves.

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  • Brett Rhodes Having been at so many of Charu's events, I am constantly impressed with the quality of folks, men and women, who show up for the work. There is a "low schmarm" quotient in this community. :o)

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  • Dayna Mondello

    I couldn't agree more. I have been to many of Charu's events and there are serious seekers with great integrity showing up. I have never been "smarmed"! NEVER.

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  • Charu Morgan Thank you Dayna for bringing your perspective to the conversation, it helps to hear from a woman who has attended as an individual. xo

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  • Lauren Brenner I will second what Dayna said. I have attended events as a single woman and have never, not for one minute, felt uncomfortable or "smarmed" on. :-) It's not that kind of crowd or vibe. Charu's intention and integrity are so strong, and the space is so safe, that everything rises to a very clear heart-based energy.

2. Should I be worried about attending alone? Will I be the only one surrounded by couples?

Nope. As of now (and this has been true of each of the 6 times I have taught this) the majority of registrations are individuals, in fact, most are individual women…. you are not alone.

3. Will we get naked?

Absolutely not. This is a sacred and safe environment, we will be exploring how to wake up to sensation in your body and approaching awakening to your sensuality fully clothed. (I speak at length about misconceptions about this on the call).

4. What kind of exercises are we doing?

The focus of this weekend is to awaken your experience of your own body. To do that we will use breath, movement, sound, guided visualization and communication techniques. Many practices will be solitary. Some practices will be partnered or in small groups.

Although I ask that you stay in the room throughout the duration on the workshop, you are absolutely in charge of your experienceso you can choose to participate in any given exercise or 'sit this one out' if for any reason it does not feel right to you. I always have a special space in our room for you to retreat to if being on your own feels like the most loving choice in any given moment (having said that, no one has ever used it to date… people LOVE the practices and are happy to participate)!

5. What if I don't want to do an exercise?

See above. To reiterate: I am very much about you creating the experience that is going to support you the most. I do everything within my power as your guide to support you in making the best decisions for you. The most powerful thing that I do at every one of my events, is to give you full permission to say 'yes' to yourself even if that means saying 'no' to the exercise or to your partner. This can be the biggest thing that people come away from the workshop with because most of us have not been given permission to even consider what our authentic 'yes' is. Start practicing your 'yes' to yourself now, it will change everything. With you taking 100% responsibility for your experience in this way, it's easy to feel great about your weekend experience.

For absolute clarity: I ask only that you stay in the space, you do not have to participate in any exercise that you do not want to.

6. Will I be partnered with strangers?

It is my intention, and what I have witnessed each time I have taught this, that those sharing this event with you will quick become close friends. In fact, you are likely to bond with these people more than you have connected and bonded with anyone ever before. So, yes & no… there are partner exercises (simple & respectful ones) and you will be working with your new friends.

7. Can I arrive late/ leave early?

No. This is a sacred container for transformation. Registering means committing to being there for every session through the entire weekend, 10am-5pm Sat/ 9am-6pm Sun. This weekend has a very powerful arc that I guide you through.  You can think of it like getting on a flight, you would not want to step off mid-flight would you?

8. Refunds or Transfers?

In general, Embody Tantra does not offer any refunds or transfers on events. For this event I am allowing you to transfer your space to a friend if for some reason you can't make it. Simply send us an email to let us know who will be taking your space.


9. What if I have a history of sexual abuse?

I have never done an official study, however I would say that about 80% of all people who work with me have a history of sexual abuse. This work is a very powerful way to reclaim your pleasure and your power so you can experience a full life. You are not alone, you are safe, you create your experience here (see numbers 5 & 6 above).

10. How is this different from other Tantra classes?

I have been told from clients around the world that they have searched out Tantra in their area with a genuine desire to learn and have ultimately been sad or disappointed to find that most sites/teachers felt over-sexualized and sleazy in some way ~ they have chosen to work with me because they felt something more, something they resonated with.

If you have watched my videos or been to my site or worked with me in the past you know this about me: I come from an absolute love and devotion of the Tantric path as a path of meditation. While I am very much devoted to you loving your body, becoming fully alive and embracing your authentic sexuality… I am NOT about teaching you techniques to simply enhance your sex-life. My work is grounded in love & truth. You will be held in a space of safety, love and radical honesty. This is the heart of Tantra as I see it. It is a marriage with the REAL, it is this foundation that creates the space for those on any path to go deeper into their awakening than they have even been before.

Have more questions? Email us ASAP so we can support you!

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Awaken Weekend April 30/May1 in Los Angeles

With love,


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