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Have you had a chance to watch the videos yet? Are you curious about the relationship between your divinity & humanity? There is so much info in these videos... if you haven't watched yet, you may not know that in the final video I announced an upcoming weekend event: The Awaken Weekend . April 30/May 1 10am-5pm Sat/ 9am-6pm Sun

Culver City . CA Watch the videos by clicking the links:

Your Divinity & Humanity

How to Reclaim Your Authentic Power

5 Simple Things You Can Do TODAY to Awaken Your Connection to Your Own Body


I Wanna Hold Your Hand ~ info & registration for your weekend of Awakening :)


Still have questions? I have answers...

At 5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern TOMORROW (Tuesday April 5th), I'm going to jump on a private line for just one hour to answer any final questions you have about The Awaken Weekend before we close registration.

I'll probably share a few juicy secrets as well.

Call: (323) 476-3672 Pin Code: 929570# Do you have any last questions or need help with anything? Sometimes it's nice to speak directly to the person who will be leading the program to help you get clear...

If you can’t be on the call live, post your questions and I will do my best to cover every question on the call.

in love,


P.S. I want you to feel great about your decision to be there so on the call I will support you in any way I can to discover if this is right for you.

Again, here's the number to call at 5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern tomorrow.

(323) 476-3672

Pin Code: 929570#

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