Redefining Intimate Relationship: Charu + John Gray + 21 More Experts Help YOU!

Beloved Community, I am so excited to announce that I will be interviewed as a part of a very powerful series called, 'Love on Purpose'. I will be speaking alongside several powerful and acclaimed experts including John Gray of 'Men Are From Mars...' and Marci Schimoff one of the featured teachers in the move 'The Secret'.

I personally think this conversation has HUGE potential to transform the way we perceive relating and I am very devoted to that cause. I hope you will join me.

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The most exciting part is the intention of this series: to support us all in releasing the warped idea that love should not require an investment of time, energy and care.

We have been taught to believe that love should just 'show up when the time is right' and 'relationships should be easy if we are with the right person'. We have been taught to value and invest time and energy in; our work, a sport, an art-form, etc, yet somehow we think that our experiences of romantic love and partnership should take care of themselves and be propelled by a magic sold to us from centuries of fairy tales that we have all grown out of.

Anyone who has any experience AT ALL with relationship knows that although there is great magic within it, there is so much more to it than that. Whether we are single or currently in partnership many of us have been caught in what I consider to be a dangerous idea that romantic partnership is supposed to make us 'happy' (whatever that means). The greatest discovery in my own life AND what has supported my own partnership immensely is the re-orientation to relationship as my greatest teacher rather than some kind of magic potion that is inevitably disappointing.

Relationship includes within it everything that we will ever need for our awakening, IF we have the tools to allow us to be present to that.

So, I love that I am a part of this series because the beautiful couple who created this, Orna & Matthew, are calling out the lie that has been spoon fed to us and inviting us to show up for love ON PURPOSE. On purpose with the intention, energy and care that is, let's be honest here: REQUIRED if we are to experience powerful deepening in our relationships and not simply repeat our parents mistakes.

I truly hope that you will join me for this powerful series of interviews.

Check out this site for full details & to register for FREE!:

My interview will be on Tuesday August 9th 5pm PST, but don't wait until then to register! If you register now you will receive ALL interviews in the series absolutely free.

As I said, I truly believe that this conversation is ESSENTIAL. The models for relationship that have been handed to us DO NOT WORK! I hope this series will be a catalyst for all of us to become more conscious about how we approach partnership.

I look forward to 'seeing' you there!

Again, here is the link to register:

in love, Charu

P.S. Help "share the love" and forward this posting to your friends, colleagues and family members - we all need and desire these tools so we can start to allow more love in.

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