"The Most Amazing Lovemaking I Have Ever Experienced"..

I wanted to share an incredible testimonial from a participant of The Awaken Weekend. Here she shares how the weekend immediately transformed her experience of lovemaking...

auralia small
auralia small

"I would like to first say thank you again so much for such an amazing weekend. I came out of it feeling my body come to life.

One amazing thing happened to me that i would like to share with you; the night after the weekend (Sunday night) I went to meet my friend, who i have been seeing casually.

That night we had the most amazing love making I have ever experienced.

I felt my body and heart open up to him and was ready to just let go and enjoy the moment.

Before we started our love making i sat outside on his veranda and meditated for a bit while he was finishing up work. I practiced some of the breathing techniques from the weekend and felt my body opening up as i was doing it. I was feeling a sense of ecstasy running through my body and it felt amazing.

Later as we were building up the sexual pleasure i was feeling really connected to him in a way that i haven't felt before and it just felt so good. Then, as i was having my orgasm it just kept going and going for about an hour non stop and i felt like i was having an out of body experience. WOW i never felt that before.

I have tears and goose bumps as i am writing this. He was also feeling my orgasms at the same time and when he had his i felt his orgasm go through my body WOW!!! It is hard to explain what it felt like but it was so amazing. We made love for 6 hours that night and fell asleep in each others arms. I believe because of what i learned this weekend, and how my body and heart opened up i was able to just let the sensation of the orgasm run freely through my body instead of trying to control it. THANK YOU!!!! :)

I also received love and acceptance. I have been smiling a lot to myself and anyone that passes me by can't help but smile back at me with so much heart and it is just so contagious.. lol

Many people said i was glowing and i definitely believe them cause i have been feeling like i have been glowing lately. I have been able to look at people in their eyes and open my heart more to people. I feel that i am making such a big step forward in being awakened and i just can't wait for more. You are right it is all so delicious :)

I look forward to more and to this incredible journey."

~ Auralia


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