Are you ready to break free from the patterns you keep reliving in dating/relationship? *Special Offer* on The Awaken Weekend Aug 20/21

[vsw id="22630931" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Beloved Friends,

I am so excited to be sharing over these next 3 days and opportunity for you to completely transform the way you experience your life, your relationships & your lovemaking (with yourself or with a partner) ;) at a special discounted rate.

Above you will find the video where I give you an overview of my Awaken Weekend, which is coming up again Aug 20/21, this weekend is open to both couples and individuals. Time and time again I have seen this weekend change lives.

This weekend is right for you if:

  • You feel like no matter what you do you keep reliving the same patterns in your relationships.
  • Something is feeling stagnant in your life, like you are not as fully alive as you could be. You are depleted and so ready to have a nourishing weekend.
  • You live your life consciously, have done self-development work for a while and the one thing that none of your teacher's or guides have ever mentioned is how this all translates into your experience of relationship & lovemaking.
  • You are ready to FINALLY connect to a genuine, open & caring community of people.
  • You are longing to do relationships/dating differently.
  • You love your partner and are ready to go even deeper together.

...there is so much more, but if any of the above resonate for you, you are definitely in the right place.

I didn't want you to just take my word for it though, I asked several participants immediately after the previous weekend what the top 10 things they received from the weekend were. Over the next few days I will be sharing them with you...

Here is one from Brett, a man who has attended this weekend 6 times!!! (many people choose to repeat because it is just so delicious!)

Top 10 Things Brett Received from The Awaken Weekend:

(he couldn't help it, he wrote 20...) 1. Openness 2. clarity 3. respect for woman 4. reawakened desire for love & intimacy 5. renewed appreciation for women & all they bring to the world 6. renewed sense of vitality 7. renewed creativity 8. increased energy 9. more sensitivity to all living creatures ~ children & animals 10. layers of BS stripped away to reveal newly refreshed clarity of purpose 11. the world just feels 'turned up', brighter, more vital 12. better, fully, deeper sleep 13. powerful, meaningful dreams 14. renewed vigor, joie de vivre, zest for life 15. increased confidence 16. increased ability to sit with and move through uncomfortable emotions 17. a more positive, hopeful, outlook on life 18. feeling more centered in my masculinity 19. feeling more grounded & stable 20. A sense of being ready to stand strong in the face of adversity

The Awaken Weekend, Tantra Foundation Course Aug 20/21 . Los Angeles Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 9am- 6pm Both Individuals & Couples Welcome $997 per person *Register by Aug 7 for only $397! Use the code 'EARLY' at checkout. To make this a no-brainer I even have an amazing payment plan: 4 payments of only $99.25!!

There is a richness of life that many of us have yet to discover, will you discover it this summer?

Check out the website to learn more and please feel free to email if you have any additional questions.

If this is right for you I want to support you to be there in any way that I can!

*I will also be offering one scholarship ticket to the event.* If you are interested in winning, simply post a video or note on facebook explaining why you would like to be there and what you feel the benefit would be for you. Include the link (or mention it if it's a video) and make sure to tag me: Charu Morgan when you post so that I can see it. :)The winner will be chosen on SUNDAY!

I am here for you if you have questions.

in love, Charu

The Awaken Weekend Aug 20/21 . Los Angeles Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 9am- 6pm Individuals & Couples Welcome!

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