TED talk: 'The Power of Vulnerability' & *Special Offer* on The Awaken Weekend (Aug 20/21)


Beloved Friends,

Tonight, the most amazing thing happened. I had just taught the fourth module of my Shaktipreneur class this afternoon and the theme was 'The Power in Vulnerability'... moments ago, the video above was emailed to me from a dear friend. It showcases Brene Brown and her actual RESEARCH on this topic.

She discovered something very important, "Connection is why we are here, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives"....

She also found that those who felt connected experienced "connection as a result of authenticity". They were willing to "let go of who they thought they should be in order to be who they were".

In fact, she proposes that you have to do this in order to feel connected. Those who fully embraced their vulnerability, believed that it is the very thing that made them beautiful. They understood that vulnerability was a necessary part of life and they were willing to go there.

They were also willing to stop controlling and predicting.... are you?

Her studies found that letting go of controlling and predicting was the "birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love".

What she DOES NOT cover in this AMAZING talk (which I have included at the top of this page for you to watch ~ do it! It is PHENOMENAL!) is HOW.

How do we come to a place where we can begin to feel safe enough to allow ourselves to meet vulnerability and allow it to open us to the joy, creativity, connection, love, relationships, etc that we truly desire?

I can help with that. :)

My Awaken Weekend (Aug 20/21) was created to support you in doing just that. I am so grateful for Brene Brown because she put into such clear and concise language what I have been supporting people with for years. I have watched hundreds of people literally come to life in one weekend that is devoted to creating a safe space for you to begin to experiment with awakening to the truth of yourself and then allowing yourself to truly be seen.

The Awaken Weekend, Tantra Foundation Course www.theAwakenWeekend.com Aug 20/21 . Los Angeles Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 9am- 6pm Both Individuals & Couples Welcome

There is a richness of life that many of us have yet to discover, will you discover it this summer?

I wanted to make this decision as easy as possible if you are feeling a 'yes' to be there. The total cost for the upcoming weekend is $997 and I will be offering for the next 3 days only a special rate of $400 (valid through 9pm Sunday Aug 7). This is an additional $100 off the Early Bird rate (which expires Aug 10). To receive the additional discount enter the code 'EARLY' at checkout. Check out the website to learn more www.TheAwakenWeekend.com and please feel free to email if you have any additional questions.

If this is right for you I want to support you to be there in any way that I can!

*I will also be offering one scholarship ticket to the event.* If you are interested in winning, simply post a video or note on facebook explaining why you would like to be there and what you feel the benefit would be for you. Include the link www.TheAwakenWeekend.com (or mention it if it's a video) and make sure to tag me: Charu Morgan when you post so that I can see it. :)The winner will be chosen on SUNDAY!

I am here for you if you have questions.

in love, Charu

The Awaken Weekend www.theAwakenWeekend.com Aug 20/21 . Los Angeles Sat 10am-5pm / Sun 9am- 6pm Individuals & Couples Welcome!

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