One of My Transformational Teachers Comes to LA...

I met Bernie almost 7 years ago, I remember he was doing a talk in a small house near the beach. The moment I was in his presence the world began to unlock. As though the things I had been holding onto to define myself began to gently dissolve. I knew that there was something special here, something that could change the course of my life and I followed the impulse to immediately join him for an 8 day retreat. During the retreat, several times I found myself resting in a vibrant silence inside my being. I experienced a visceral sensation of feeling fully alive and being at peace.

Through his teaching I have had many mystical experiences. Moments of feeling like my heart was so open that it was radiating out of my chest and my entire posture shifted to accommodate the embodiment of it, moments of coming into intimate connection with the whole of the cosmos alive in my body, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting the majesty of being alive in this human body and the awakening of love. Being with him stretched my experience of what is possible as a human being.

What was unique to me about Bernie, was that I not only experienced him as vibrantly present, but he also spoke my language. He spoke of man and woman and how our union is the path to our awakening. Hearing him speak in this way and feeling the truth of it in my body was like a powerful homecoming. Where another layer of acknowledgement and permission was granted for me to follow what I have always known in my being and to be guided deeper.

More than anything, Bernie gave me permission to admit to myself that I truly longed to be loved by one man. To be seen, heard, felt, honored and that this union was not at all about 'finding the one' or living out a fantasy, it was about allowing this meeting to open me to the heart of the truth.

How this translated into the real-world after the workshop I had done with him (because, let's face it, it's not just about the profound awakenings in a workshop, it's about how they translate into our experience of life) was that just weeks after meeting Bernie for the first time I saw Martin, my now beloved, again (after meeting 6 months before) at a Tantra retreat. He wooed me in a way that no man ever had before and has met me in dynamic partnership for the past 6 years.

Martin acknowledged that there was a distinct change in me when he saw me at that workshop, that when he had met me before, I didn't occur as a woman he could fully give himself to, he felt that there were shifts in me that allowed him to feel safe opening up to me fully and entering into this journey of partnership. I know that a large part of the shift he felt was a product of the work I had done with Bernie.

The ripples of transformation from my experiences with Bernie were far more vast than I can begin to describe and effected all areas of my life. I feel honored to share with you an opportunity to meet this incredible guide.

Bernie is based out of New Zealand and we are blessed to have him on American soil for 3 special events Sept 16-18. Click this link to learn more and to register:

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