The Secret Healing Balm at the Heart of Tantra...

Beloved Friends,

Love is at the heart of Tantra.

I have studied many different forms of Tantra and met the face and essence of the Goddess in many ways. I have traced the roots of Tantra back thousands of years and have been honored to chant the same chants that graced sacred ceremonies in that rich time. I have been guided through gentle movement sequences from modern masters that open my heart to great depths of grace, I have begun to learn the myths and stories that have guided the Tantric practitioner gently to self knowledge....

I have felt a great pulse of oneness alive in my body, so total, so absolute that I am whole unto myself and I am dissolving into the mystery....

And yet none of this could ever touch the simple magic of experiencing the love of another human being, none of it can touch the grace of looking into someone's eyes, no myth can encompass the complexity of the stories I create when I do not feel loved, accepted, heard and honored.

God touches us in many ways, none is so great or perilous as through simple human relationship. The nectar we crave, the longing we endure...

I have not yet met a human being who's healing balm did not include the loving acceptance of another human being. There is no greater blessing than to love and be loved....and no greater challenge. Let's allow these human relationships to be our scriptures. Let's stop getting distracted with the esoteric and start coming home to a simple truth; this human experience is in so many ways about connection. The love that is God or Shakti is ignited through our humanity.

I woke up this morning in the arms of my beloved. A living, breathing, human being. A precious and rare and exquisite experience of knowing the divine, breathing beside me. My prayers are in the pockets between our sweet and mundane conversation that we will not remember tomorrow. My praise and gratitude is in the gentle holding of his hand or catching his glance of my body as I walk to the kitchen.

We are the weaving.

Within each of us a universe alive and as we come together worlds collide. Our love exposes the heart of truth. We cannot hide from ourselves in the light of our love. It answers our prayers and kills us in one breath. It dares us to live on the razors edge where we can touch life in the most intimate of ways and wake up to our nature.

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An Evening of Awakening . Puja Ritual . Oct 8th, 7-11pm Individuals & Couples Welcome

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in love,


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