Interview with Serge Berliawsky and Charu Morgan


For this month’s Tantric Living membership interview, I talked to Serge Berliawsky, a Tantric practitioner and scholar who also happens to be a designer of extremely fine, high-end cashmere clothing.  Isn’t it amazing how many ways there are for “spiritual practice” to show up in the world!  

What I loved about this interview is the way he took us on a journey into the origins of Tantra - and by so doing, began to provide us with a foundation for our own modern practice.

This is important, because sometimes when we touch tantra as modern practitioners - and in the relatively non-traditional way that I teach it at Embody Tantra - it may seem far from what it once was.  For the integrity of our own practice, having an education firmly grounded in the roots of ancient tantra can support us.  This ensures that we don’t get lost in something that’s been sensationalized in our modern world.  It allows us to maintain our own personal integrity, as we embark on this path

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