“What does it mean to feel whole?”

EoA Wholeness
EoA Wholeness

      For many of us, it can take a while to even realize just how fragmented we are. We, as humans, have come so very far from our nature, we are so immersed in disconnect, it is so familiar to us that it may even feel more ‘normal’ than the truth.

I don’t know the truth. I have been blessed to have tastes of its sweetness, moments when the fragmentation dissolves and I am whole. And then it unravels again as I get lost in what I have been taught, what I have decided, what I have done to cope and make sense of the world.

In my moments of wholeness I discover how simple it all is. And I laugh at how complex I have been making it.

We have been taught to be self-conscious. We have been taught to forget our nature. We have been taught to be wary. We have been taught to protect ourselves. We have been taught it is not safe. We have been taught there is not enough. We have been taught that our bodies are unholy. We have been taught that exploring & sharing our flesh is a sin. We have been taught to be good. We have been taught to monitor our behavior so that something or someone outside of us would think we were good enough to grant us entrance to heaven.

No one can grant you wholeness, only you can discover it within yourself, within the moment. It is these very stories and ideas that have nurtured the fragmentation for hundreds of years. Keeping us locked in a cycle that continues to exhaust us and breeds loneliness and disconnect.

You don’t have to climb up hill. You don’t have to be good. You don’t have to get it right. You don’t have to say 1,000 affirmations or only align yourself with positive thoughts.

Essentially, all that is required for wholeness is that you remember yourself. That you allow the simple pleasures in on you. That you allow your animal nature to come back to life. That you uncover that vibrant inner voice that has been screaming for your attention, muted under the layers of who you have been conditioned to be.

You have not done anything wrong. Most of us have simply not had access to the tools that can lovingly open the doors within ourselves.

Come play. I have created an evening to support you in shedding some of the heaviness, an evening that has the potential to awaken you to the world as it truly is. An evening that can take the blinders off so you can finally see, feel, touch, and taste what it is to be whole.

Evening of Awakening . Wholeness


May 5 . 7-11pm . West LA

Individuals & Couples Welcome

$100 per person before April 21st . $150 thereafter

I hope to see you there.

in love,


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