Witnessing my first birth...

I watched my friends birth process in awe as she traveled a journey from pain & exhaustion to the moment when everything she needed was suddenly there. (I have more to say about the details, but I would like to ask her permission to share before I do.)

I can share this: towards the end, I felt the room open up in a swell of power that extended far beyond her human body and I knew and she knew that everything was possible. Not only was it possible, but as long as she showed up and trusted the messages her body gave her, she was held and guided by a vibrant and powerful trance-like yet lucid state where there was no question of what needed to happen. She was literally glowing with a strength that came from both within and beyond.

In between there was much fear, much uncertainty, and many layers of who she thought she was coming to the surface. There was no hiding from them through the intensity of the experience.

It was abundantly clear that her circumstances and the support she received within the safe container held by her beloved, myself and the midwives were essential in defining her experience, in allowing her to trust in herself and discover this strength within. On her own, in a different environment or with people who didn’t understand her it would have been very easy for this experience to turn fearful and contracted and for her to have walked away holding trauma rather than triumph.

And now she is superwoman.

She has been transformed and it came through profound surrender.

Through this process I was reminded that this is essentially what is required of us for true transformation. Surrender. Trust in the journey, trust in our bodies, and ultimately a giving-way to something beyond ourselves. This is where we can be met by the divine.

We get to decide what defines our journey, if it will be rocky or smooth and we always receive exactly what will serve us most.

As long as we have an idea of how it ‘should’ be or what is required in order to ‘x’, we will always live within the boundaries we have created for ourselves that have grown through our culture, our families, and our personal experiences. It does not matter if the ideas we have developed have come from great visions of who we want to be, as rebellions of what our parents wanted for us, or old stories we hold onto from our lineage of what is ‘appropriate’... as long as we hold it close, we will be destined to miss the grace.

And here we sit here confused, overwhelmed, crying, cursing (each in our own way) all the while grace is showering us constantly.

We have to give up in order to receive it. This process comes in different forms for all of us. For some of us it is a gentle invitation and our waking is like a slow dawning of sweetness. For others, life will strong-arm us until we finally say ‘uncle’... it feels like defeat for a moment; a divorce, loss of a loved one, an illness, financial challenges, relationship discord, the challenges of giving birth... and then we wake up to the magic.

And in these moments who we are surrounded by and how we are held will most certainly influence our experience. For many of us, in our most challenging moments we are surrounded by people who ‘need’ us to stay where we are in order for them to continue to feel connected to us (this often happens with family) or people who have never moved beyond their own challenges into sweet surrender and who surround us with their fear in the effort to keep us ‘protected’. Perhaps they don’t know that they are protecting us from a breakthrough... perhaps on some unconscious level they do. This is why it is so important for us to choose our environment, our support system, our friends and our guides carefully. A great guide and the support of a community grounded in truth can transform the way you orient to an experience.

I invite you to explore this powerful process of surrender within a safe container where you are held by me as a midwife of your embodiment at the Awaken Weekend, this is my Tantra foundation course coming up July 28/29 (to learn more about this weekend and to register click here: Everything that is shared at the weekend has the power to open your body to profound bliss AND it’s likely that certain aspects will challenge you. Certain aspects will show you where you may have closed doors inside of yourself in order to feel safe, where you may be living within your perceived limitations.

Let me hold you as you step beyond these edges and dive into the unknown. It is from here that you can allow yourself to have the experience of a profound opening. This opening will most certainly change you forever as you tap into the grace and power that is within you when you surrender and listen to your human body.

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in love,

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