International 'Take Care of Yourself' Month: June

On my birthday last year, I made a new year's resolution... I decided to give myself anything that I wanted in regards to taking great care of myself (even if it felt indulgent)...I realized that for a long time that no matter how much more money I was bringing in, I still felt that there was no 'extra' for 'frivolous' things like massages, pedicures, etc. And yet, my big dream of what I longed for when I began my business was not about having fancy things, my dream all centered around my studies and taking great care of my body.
I kept thinking that anything at all that came in had to be put immediately back into my business or I was being irresponsible and selfish. I promised myself that this was temporary and once I had a strong foundation for my business, then there would be extra for me.
When I made this commitment last year as soon as I decided I noticed within a few days of feeling inspired and gung-ho about the whole thing, I suddenly felt like it was a nice idea, but now just isn't the time. After all, x, y and z are happening and they are really demanding my financial energy... I should put it off. It would be better in the long-run. I rested in that thought for a few days, back in a comfort zone.
At the time, I even had a beautiful massage with the amazing Kande (who some of you know through Embody Tantra) and I started crying saying that I was afraid to let go and relax because that would mean I wasn't doing a good enough job of taking care of everything to do the best work possible. Hello? WTF?
Where did I get this idea? Where did I get the idea that if I was doing something that made me feel happy and vibrant I wasn't working hard enough?
For the most part, there were still a few internal road-blocks around going even deeper into this project and giving myself some uber-delicious goodies, but I decided to notice how absolutely bizarre my way of thinking has been and experiment with saying 'yes' to the things I am drawn to do for my own self-care. I was wondering if it might be more true that the better care I take of myself, the MORE 'successful' (whatever that really means) my business, life and relationships would be...
The experiment yielded powerful results last year. It seems I was on to something. As I supported myself more and more I naturally attracted some powerful opportunities and my business was flowing with ease and grace.

And so, this year, with just 2 days until my 33rd birthday I am picking up this practice again, renewing my vow to be good to myself and I am going so far as to declare June forevermore 'International Take Care of Yourself Month'. I hope you will join me and share how this experiment evolves for you!
What are you doing to support yourself this month?
in love,

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