Taste Life Beyond Your Perceptions...

This month for our Evening of Awakening, we are going on a journey through the chakras.

One of the most profound things that has been shared with me to help me understand the Chakras was from one of my teacher's Nita Rubio who said something to the effect of,

"The Chakras are our lens between the inner and outer world, they are vortexes of Karma..."


What this means to me is that these are centers that can be found through the body (and the ones most commonly worked with are along the central channel of the body ~ see pic)... each of these centers holds aspects of how we define ourselves, who we think we are, experiences we have had, etc.

Because of this information/experience that is held in each of these centers it defines our life experience as we see through this 'lens'. So, if I have experienced trauma around my sexuality, let's say, we could imagine that might be like looking through a grey pair of glasses around this particular aspect of our life. Seeing life through this grey lens is necessarily different than seeing through a yellow lens and certainly different than viewing without any lens at all.

It's important to note that in Tantra, neither lens is considered 'good' or 'bad'...

Having said that, we may be experiencing certain challenges or limitations as we consistently experience life through this grey lens. Another important thing to note is that, the grey lens is not the TRUTH of what is happening... it is the coloring of our perception.

Taking time for ritual that supports us in becoming aware of, opening & clearing the chakras is a powerful step in moving towards touching life as it truly is rather than being constantly dictated by our past traumas and our future fears.

There is an incredible sense of freedom and relief that comes with waking up and tasting life beyond our perceptions. This is also an essential step towards experiencing our awakening because as we move beyond our unconscious agreements, we make space for more life to flow through. In some cultures this movement of life or energy is defined as 'prana' or 'shakti'.

Allowing this energy more space and freedom to move through and nourish the body allows for us to deepen into states of consciousness that are simply not accessible to us when we are looking through colored lenses. They require intimate contact with reality.

So, I invite you to join me on June 2 (the day after my birthday!), to be guided and held in an experience of taking off the colored lenses and tasting reality in sacred ceremony.

Evening of Awakening . Chakras


June 2 . 7-11pm . West LA

Individuals & Couples Welcome

$100 per person before May 19th . $150 thereafter

ClickHERE for more information and to register.

I hope to see you there.

in love,


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