Be Guided By What You Most Desire

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Desire is such a funny thing really. In order to be guided by our desire we must first know what it is that we desire. What we truly desire, not what we want because we think it will satisfy an unmet need. Once we clear the cobwebs and have our finger on the living pulse of our own desire, it can guide us into a powerful awakening.

The Tantric path is one of following desire, trusting deeply in your body's knowing. Moving beyond who you have been taught and conditioned to be and letting your desire introduce you to reality.

Try this: Over this next week begin to watch for your desires. The impulses that lead you, the ones that pull you towards pleasure and delight. A desire to have a cup of tea with a friend, a desire to make love to your woman, a desire to take a walk on the beach... Give in to one or two of them ;)... see where they lead you

We are going to delve more deeply into topic of Desire at this month’s puja ritual.  To read more about the ritual, and to register, please visit

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