Emerging from the Unknown...

In this pic we start our journey into the Unknown about to enter 'Opaque' restaurant: Dining in total darkness...


Emerging from the Unknown...

(thoughts from immediately after our level 3 retreat)

"Whatever Charu says, I just roll with it. At this point, I have done enough work with her to know that it will always lead me somewhere great."

"You surprised me, I didn't think you would, I've done a lot of events and I thought I had some idea of what we were in for, somehow you managed to truly take us into uncharted territory."

As my head rolls over the immediate feedback from this level 3 event, my heart is happy.

I did it. I set an intention of wanting to gift these students with an experience of the unknown, a chance to die to how they have defined themselves, who they thought they were and wake up to reality. To become comfortable with the unknown (or perhaps relax into the discomfort)...

"Somehow you manage to make the process so gentle, you bring a sense of play and joy and hold us through transitions that lead to a powerful deepening and suddenly, without effort, here we are...somewhere totally new."

... my desire is for all of my students to know that whatever life brings them, they have the courage and strength to integrate it. (Let me be totally transparent here, this is also what I desire most for myself).

I shared practices that I have been holding for years, with the women I shared a ritual that I believe to be one of the most powerful rituals I have ever experienced. When we were complete, each woman was filled with a unique radiance.  Many shared they effortlessly experienced a feeling of oneness with the partner they worked with, profound healing, a deep respect for their bodies and an awe of the power and essence of all women.

When we held hands in circle to complete, the depth of presence within each of us and in the space was pure magic.

My vision was to also provide a space for everyone to begin a process of refinement and integration of the energy that has begun to awaken in them through the level 1 & 2. As if by magic, I was able to offer practices that served this and, of course, we were all held by a magic far beyond what I personally shared with the group. It was hidden in the spaces between each breath as we became more sensitive to being alive.

I am so excited to be starting this journey all over again with our Level 1 event coming up Sept 15/16 in Los Angeles. It is a precious moment in the journey when we take our first step on this path.

If you are interested in joining us click HERE for more information and to register.

I will also be hosting a special fr*ee teleclass tonight, 'How to Discover Your Authentic Sexuality' ~ this is another great way to get a taste and feel for this work. I will be offering a special rate for the weekend, available only to those who listen to the call!

Click HERE to register for 'How to Discover Your Authentic Sexuality'.

in love,


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