Stop waiting to love, love is HERE

Embody Tantra
Embody Tantra

How long have you been waiting to love? Waiting for the right partner, waiting for the people in your life to change, waiting for the right moment? A day? A week? A year? More than a year? How much longer will you wait? This may sound grim, but will you go to the grave never having opened yourself fully to love because you were waiting?

The theme for the Evening of Awakening this month is 'Love is HERE' (if you are ready to register click HERE)...

And it is. It is hungry for you. Just waiting for you to put down your sword, take a big deep breath and notice it all around you. We have become de-sensitized to love. We have been taught that it should have a particular look, come at a certain time, in exactly the right package, see any romantic comedy to get clear on what it's supposed to look like for you... and if it doesn't, then you are just shit out of luck. No love for you. You get to be that character who is eternally funny and sitting at home alone eating ice cream while her friends live the divine romance.

Love is one of those funny words that is too big for itself. We tend to want to limit it to the vision of romance that has been spoon-fed to us, but it is so much more than that. It is alive and vibrant in every living thing. Expressive, unending, and non-judgmental. Love doesn't choose to give itself to you above anyone else... or anyone else above you. Love shines like the Sun on all of us.

If you are not aware of its rich rays then you are likely putting the breaks on in ways you are not even aware of.

Try this: Go for a walk somewhere wild. Sit down surrounded by nature. Allow yourself to be receptive to the sensations of the world around you. The earth holding you, the sun caressing you, the trees vibrating around you. Imagine yourself reaching out to send love to the environment and then return to the receptivity and allow the space to send love back to you. Notice what you feel.

As with all Tantric practice, don't take my word for it. Give it a try and see what awakens for you.

If you are ready to have an experience of allowing yourself to wake up to the love that is here now, come join me at our next Evening of Awakening event. I will hold your hand as you begin to wake up to what has always been there. Beyond what you have been sold. I mean, if you knew this was accessible to you no matter what... there would be nothing to drive you to be a consumer... would there? Something to think about.

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