The Relationship Between S*ex & Spirit

Culturally, we are living with a severe disconnect between sex & spirit.

Relationship Between Sex & Spirit
Relationship Between Sex & Spirit

Often when we are seeking out answers around our sexual challenges we are led to things that can feel disconnected.

When we dive deep into a spiritual path we can sometimes be drawn into concepts that actually lead us away from the body.

This was very confusing for me in my own life.

Which is why I am soooooo happy that I found Tantra.

There is a powerful relationship between these two aspects. One can actually nourish the other and they weave together like a figure 8.

Click HERE to watch this 'Sex & Spirit' video to learn:

  • the truth about the 'blue pill' and what it really does
  • the 'messages' to be on the look out for that can present as 'issues' and how to use them as opportunities
  • the tools we need to deepen & become more intimate with ourselves and our partner

We offer the 'Awaken Weekend' four times a year, the next one coming up December 1st and 2nd.   I mention different dates in this video (because I made it before the previous weekend and have not yet shared it).

To learn more about the weekend and register go to:

I am always so excited to share this weekend because I know the power it has to change your life and relationships.

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