Pic: Kande & Charu creating 2012 calendar in the 

So much is happening here at Embody Tantra! Transitions, new classes, and a brand new super-exciting course for 2013! Read on for more details... 

Behind the scenes, the biggest shift is that Kande ~ who has essentially run Embody Tantra (and whom you may have spoken on the phone with or even shared a Tantra practice at one of our events) and I are transitioning our relationship. 

Over the past nearly 2 years Kande has devoted her heart and soul to supporting the growth of Embody Tantra and helping as many hearts as possible to be touched by this powerful work that she is so passionate about. She has given above and beyond and has held the structures that have allowed my creativity to blossom. Most importantly, not worrying about all of the nuts and bolts of Embody Tantra has allowed me to be there for you, the community in the best way possible. 

I am ever-grateful for Kande's contribution and even if you have not met her, it's likely that your Embody Tantra experience has been a little smoother because of her. 

Kande will be spending more time devoted to her own business, Infinite Richenss, where she offers a powerful blend of massage, energy work and counsel. 

I booked a session with Kande shortly after she had taken her first class with me. The session was so loving and so nourishing it became a powerful 're-set' button in my life. When I would be feeling 'stuck' or out of sorts and not able to define exactly what was, Kande's loving sessions would gently unravel what was getting in my way and make space for me to feel at home again in myself. 

Her work is a beautiful compliment to the Tantric practice. 

If you are interested in booking a session you can reach her here:

(310) 490-2888

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