What does it really take to live with our hearts wide open?

Embody Tantra
Embody Tantra

Beloved Friends,

As I prepare to guide 20 eager participants through 3 days and 3 nights of allowing new layers of connection and awakening into their lives this weekend at the Intimacy Experience, I am meditating on the idea of what does it really take to live with our hearts wide open?

This is what we will be exploring in the December 8th Evening of Awakening, the early bird ends this Saturday November 24th, if you are ready to register click here. It’s a great way to experience Tantra Los Angeles.

Lately, I have been challenged to look at the way my energy sometimes comes out ‘sideways’ and hurts the people I love with unconscious cutting remarks. As I have brought more awareness to this behavior, I have noticed that the tension that is getting released in these moments has usually been built up from a moment when I have not felt heard, seen, accepted or loved.

In these uncomfortable moments, I tighten up and close my heart and an intensity builds inside of me that searches out ways to be released to give me some sort of relief. Unfortunately, the relief does not last long because in this kind of release I am often hurting the person I love, creating more distance, creating a space where they will feel shut down, not seen, accepted or loved.

Tight, closed, unloved and perpetuating more distance when what I long for most is closeness.

In the last week I have once again come back to my heart, and with some simple awareness and practices I have begun to allow my heart to open once again. I am not gonna lie, it’s scary to live with an open heart. When our heart is open we are acutely aware of the possibility of getting hurt.

And yet, it’s totally worth the risk. Connection is the richness of life. I am challenging myself once again to live with my heart wide open, risk getting hurt and wake up to the sweetness of being met in love.

I hope you will join me this Dec 8th as I lovingly guide you to explore what life can be like with your heart wide open.

If you are ready to register click HERE, save $50 when you register before Nov 24.

An Evening of Awakening . Puja Ritual . Dec 8th, 7-11pm

Los Angeles . Individuals & Couples Welcome

To learn more about this event click here:


in love,


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