"There is nothing wrong with you."

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Embody Tantra

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Beloved Friends,

Wow, what a beautiful weekend I am coming from of leading this bold and brave community into waking up to their power, aliveness, vulnerability and pleasure. I am awestruck every time by what is possible, by how much beauty is within each person who joins us and by just how incredibly powerful it is to work with the sexual energy. To pull it out from behind closed doors, to let the light shine on it and to fully reclaim the absolute essential power and beauty that comes with it.

Our mantra for the weekend became, 'There is nothing wrong with you.'

We grew into looking at this as a group because no matter how many times I said, 'you can't get this wrong' or 'whatever you are feeling is exactly what you need' still during the breaks people were coming up to me with fear in their eyes sharing, 'I don't feel anything and I'm afraid it's possible for everyone else, but not me' or 'I have this problem that the energy won't move in a certain part of my body ~ what should I do?', or 'It seems like everyone else is getting it, but me', or 'what should I be doing if I don't feel anything?'

It felt clearer and clearer to me with each moment that the reason this came forward so strongly in our weekend was that the story that there is something wrong with us may be the biggest block between us and our freedom, our aliveness, our love.

There is nothing wrong with you.

We have even taken on our spiritual paths as another place where we grasp onto an ideal and then compare ourselves against it... thinking that there is something wrong with us because we ARE judgmental (though a more enlightened person shouldn't be), we ARE angry at our family (though we should be able to have compassion), we DO gossip and act self-serving and hurt others as we defend our place.... and damn it, we want to know pleasure (though it's a sin or at the very least a less-than pursuit because even a modern spiritual journey should ultimately transcend that base need)....

We do all of this, we break all of the 'spiritual' rules we have hardened around and clung to (thinking that if we live within that container we might possibly become 'perfect' or at the very least acceptable) and when we break the rules we have created, we cloak ourselves in the sweet shame we are used to, the shame that we have come to know and crave in some sadistic way.

I'm here to say fuck that. Be judgmental, be angry, be self-serving, hurt others (yes, I said that), gossip, get it wrong, break your own rules... do everything you could possibly do that you have decided makes you unlovable... and for god-sake fuck, play, laugh, love, delight, writhe, give in to your call for pleasure!!


We have waited too long to say 'yes' to our pleasure. We have bought into needing to abuse ourselves. I'm letting you off the hook. Let go of trying to control your humanity for one day, one week, one year... I'm willing to bet you that rather than losing yourself or becoming a 'bad' person... you will find that you come to life.


Whatever 'damage' you do, whatever pain you experience... embrace it, let it have you. As it burns through you, it makes way for your natural power, pleasure and grace to shine through. It will lead you to the 'spirituality' you have longed for and tried to touch by emulating masters.

Tantra offers a fertile ground for meeting your whole-self. For embracing pleasure and awakening beyond the cycles of control and shame that we have mistaken for love for so long.

Join us this Saturday and be held in a safe space to discover the truth of your heart. To give it permission to be wide open, no apologies.

I have extended the early bird rate since I was so wrapped up in preparation for my weekend that I did not send a reminder... oops. ;)

Go to www.EveningOfAwakening.com before WEDNESDAY midnight to register at the early bird rate.

in love,


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