How the American Dream is Screwing Up Your Life.

The holidays.

In some weird way this time of year really gets us on a treadmill. Gotta be the perfect host, gotta get the best gifts for the kids, gotta handle everything on my list...

It's a time of year that many of us have compared against the movies we saw as a kid about what the perfect holiday would feel like. Surrounded by family, in our dream house, with our perfect yard on a break from our perfect job that we love, in a relationship with that perfect person, with the perfect kiddos waking up to the perfect gifts, etc.

Whether we like it and buy into it or not, we have been served a dream of what our lives should be like since we were young. And no matter what we consciously think about that dream, the programming is there.

There is nothing at all wrong with dreaming, in fact, dreams are what later turn into new realities for us. At best they are an expression of our desire and a vital step on the way to manifesting it.

However, the great 'American Dream' is something else, it was dreamed up long ago and has since been painted in a light that no one's life can live up to. The more we compare ourselves against this dream, the less available we are to the beauty that is present in our lives.

This dream has created a dangerous addiction to accumulating, comparison and unrealistic expectations.

Click play above to check out this video I made about how the American Dream may actually be screwing up your life and a tip on how to turn it around.

As social animals we are influenced by our environment and the collective consciousness that surrounds us, our awareness is our best defense against getting caught up in something that takes us further away from our authentic selves.

Once you watch it, I would love to hear how it goes and if it brings up any more questions for you. Please also remember to comment, like or share this post if you like it! :)

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