My First Orgasm

I didn't know what just happened, but I knew I liked it... 


I experienced my first orgasm at fourteen years old by accident, in the bathtub. 

Just a few weeks before my boyfriend, Kirk, had asked me if I touched myself. He wanted to know what I liked so he could give it to me (how freakin' amazing is that for a fourteen year old boy? I have much to thank him for, but that's another story). I remember telling him that there was no reason to touch myself because pleasure would only feel good if he gave it to me.

 And I really believed that.

Everything changed when I experienced the warm, tingling explosion with that cold bathtub beneath me and the hot water running between my legs, I realized I was so wrong. Orgasm was amazing. Orgasm was good no matter how it arrived. Orgasm wasn't limited to romance, it could be mine. I could have this for myself.

Not long after that orgasm was all I could think about, all I wanted to do. It consumed me. 

It was the escape I had been dreaming of my entire life. A moment of freedom from the monotony of school, the pressure of who I was supposed to be and the decision making that life constantly requires.

For several months that momentary escape was enough. Pure power coursing through my body. Hot and prickly and sweet for just a few seconds.


And then back to ordinary life. Back to responsibility, back to being who I was supposed to be, back to the discomfort and monotony.

How could I go deeper into this explosion of pleasure? How could I let it transform my life? How would my life change if I could infuse it with this power? 

What would happen if the power didn't immediately dissipate and deplete me?

These questions would take me on many adventures all over the world.

And the wisdom that has come to me through those journeys is what I now share with you through the Embody Tantra offerings.

Whether you have never had an orgasm before or you are addicted to the sensation of it -some part of you knows there is a power there that you do not yet understand

Let 2015 be the year you invest in your orgasm, invest in the electric power that your human body has to nourish and enhance your personal awakening.

2015 is promising some of the most exciting developments ever seen here at Embody Tantra. Below you will find dates and links for:

  • Level 1 (your first step)
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  • And the*NEW* Sensitivity Training (created especially for those who have completed Level 3) 

In this world there are so many 'good' reasons not to prioritize your pleasure, it's a product of a terrible misconception that pleasure is not 'productive' and we are all programmed to get that check-list done! Here is what I know, everything changes when you are sexually alive. 

Let's do this.

With love,


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