'Note from Charu: A moment of opening so profound...

After a rich and delicous Awaken Weekend (my Level 1 event) in August, I am super duper excited to be embarking on the journey of a lifetime for our Level 2 Intimacy Experience.

Our first class in this 4-month process begins tonight! :)

My favorite thing about this moment is the particular feeling of excitement at the beginning. None of us know what awaits us, we simple know that we are drawn to come together and invest in intimacy and awakening. From there, the magic happens.

I have the added delight of knowing that each and every one of the participants will have an experience they will never forget. That they will each have a moment of opening so profound that it resets their context of what they thought was possible. I have the joy of seeing them shed the layers of protection and begin to glow from within as they experience their potential.

I have the best. job. ever.

I am ever-grateful for those who have held space for me to enter into uncharted territory inside of myself and I feel so blessed to now hold space for others.

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Sending love, 

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Posted on October 13, 2013 .