Note from Charu: Cycles of relating

Note from Charu 

I don't even know where to begin... it feels like a whirlwind few months.. after an exceptional Intimacy Experience retreat, and a powerful Awaken Weekend I'm heading to Canada for a delicious experiment in creativity with Laura Hollick for International Soul Art Day and planting seeds here at home for some new Tantra goodness when I get back (including a 'Taster' eventMay 18th)!

Couples have been asking me for years to share what I do in private intensives through a home-study process. I am finally ready to share in this way with my brand new Rediscovering Love in 5 Weeks course. This is the solution for any couple who is ready to begin these simple practices at home as well as those who have attended events and want to continue with a guided home practice. I'm offering a special rate for those who register this week (more information below).

In the Rediscovering Love course I am sharing the same practices that Martin and I have used for years to allow us to 'drop beneath' any challenges and continue to deepen and have rich lovemaking even 8 years into our partnership. With all of the challenges we have had throughout the years, I feel so lucky to have been held by these practices AND so happy to share that with this work we continue to literally rediscover our love for one another.

I think that couples often stifle a natural cycle of relating by shutting down parts of ourselves to make it 'easy' to fit together. With these practices I have felt held and safe to own who I am and to the best of my ability deep dive into whatever comes forward (even when it sucks). Because of this I often find myself swimming in darkness AND I have the privilege of waking up to the light and the love between us anew as the natural cycle continues to deepen and shift. I'm happy to report it's pretty blissful around here right now. ;) 

I've also been hard at work behind the scenes on a project that I am finally ready to share with you... years ago I gathered together 4 very powerful Tantric Women who were also in long-term partnership to ask them real questions about how they integrate this work into their life and relationships. The result of these interviews is a rare collection of candid sharing and teaching that I have not seen anywhere else (hence why I created it.. lol). I'm finally ready to share with you as I re-launch this collection. You can find out more at

I hope these offerings excite you! It's always a joy to share this work with you that has meant so much to me. Keep reading to find even more ways to participate and invite Tantra into your life.

in love, 

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Posted on May 2, 2013 .