Note from Charu: The chasm between man and woman


Returning once again from our incredible Level 2 Intimacy Experience.

 A 3-day, 3-night immersion where participants are invited to step fully away from the demands of their every day lives and simply be in the Tantric practice and community. 

During the level 2 process you are held with the most unique gift of opening to a state of freedom where you don't need to worry about time or meals or responsibilities. Everything is taken care of for you. 

This was my 4th time teaching this immersion and every time it surprises me. What feels more clear to me than ever is an essence of this work that was undefined for me before... 

There is a chasm that exists in our world between man & woman... in between us lies the abuse, violation, abandonment (that we have inflicted on one another and within ourselves). I see now that an essential part of my role in sharing this work is somehow creating a bridge to love. Allowing us as men & women to see the truth, and have a visceral experience of 'one-ness'. 

Through this so many of the issues that we grapple with dissolve. When the structures we have struggled within have no ground to stand on a space opens for us to receive exactly what we most long for... love. 

It is a delight and a challenge to hold this space and I am so looking forward to guiding a new group through this process in 2013. 

If you feel called to this work at all, if you know there is something that you long to touch and taste of this human experience that feels just out of reach... do whatever you can to be there. 

This. Event. Changes. Everything... seriously. 

Below you will find our Embody Tantra calendar. I truly hope you will take a chance and step into this community. The power of this work continues to amaze me. It is the greatest gift to be able to share it with you. 

in love, 

P.S. The Awaken Weekend is the pre-requisite for the Level 2 Intimacy Experience. Our next weekend is Dec 1/2 and the early bird rate is still available for a savings of $500. :)

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Posted on October 29, 2012 .