Note from Charu: The magic and perfection of every action...

A Note from Charu... 


What an amazing few weeks it has been. Returning from another Intimacy Experience (Level 2) ~ this time in the beautiful Ojai, CA.. I have found myself both immersed in surrender and challenged by overwhelm. ;) 

Every time I experience Tantra in a retreat setting I am reminded of my deepest desire, the ache of disconnect and loneliness that brought me to Tantra and the yearning to connect beyond what is acceptable in 'normal' society. 

Every time, no matter who is there or what the circumstances and evolution of the event I find myself home. I feel the simplicity and the inner ground that blooms when I am able to be in deep consistent practice with other devoted friends. I can't help but see the magic and perfection of every action, reaction and awakening. 

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than spending those few days together in practice and community. I continue to long for and I aim to create a life that is in this kind of Tantric community.... maybe you will join me there one day... 

Back at home I find myself tangled in responsibility and the nuts and bolts of sharing my vision and offerings with you. I'm still in the process of navigating how to love that side of myself and my business too... 

I'm beginning by noticing the secret smile on my face as I have been re-branding a program I created long-ago, exploring the possibility of a workshop in Canada in May and even writing this note to you... while each of these things requires more time on the computer than I'd like... remembering that your potential transformation and smiling face (and unlocked orgasm) lies on the other side does bring me great joy. 

This newsletter includes several IMPORTANT announcements! 

Please read on for info about: 
1) a special call just for Men this Sunday! (below)
2) details on my potential Canada trip (sidebar)
3) Early bird rate for upcoming Awaken Weekend (sidebar)

and more... 

Sending love,

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Posted on April 3, 2013 .