One trick that every Tantrika knows...

With Valentines day just around the corner, we are hitting a rare moment in our modern day culture where we turn our focus onto romantic love. Admittedly, the way we usually focus on it sucks...pressure to make sure you do something nice for your sweetheart or maybe a pint of ice cream for those who don't have someone special at the moment. ;)

I'd like to use this opportunity to orient to love in new ways. What is it you are longing for when it comes to love? What does love mean to you? What do you hope for in your intimate relating?

In this video, I share about a trick that every Tantrika knows. It may not seem very romantic, but it's practical and enhances intimacy 1,000-fold with yourself, your life and ultimately those you love.

'Tantrikas' (those who practice Tantra) have a powerful perspective on life. We are looking for opportunities to 'ride the waves' rather than decide on what we believe life should be looking like and forcing it.

You so need to watch this video if: 

  • You are experiencing a tremendous amount of stress at the moment and you wish something would give.
  • You are tired of feeling like you are climbing uphill.
  • You have been doing practices or affirmations for a while and you are feeling ready for another layer of breakthrough.
  • You long to feel closer to yourself and those you love.

I'd love to hear your thoughts once you watch this!

in love,

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Posted on February 12, 2014 .