Taste the sweet nectar of your being...


Rather listen than read?

 "Strip back the beliefs passed on by governesses, schools, and states, you find indelible truths at one's core." ~ David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas  

Just returning from a night at the movies with my beloved friend Dayna seeing Cloud Atlas... it was a beautiful movie that stirred so much in me. Ultimately, bringing home the essence that love & truth is all there is. Humans get 'all kinds of mixed up' in having power over and accumulating as a poor substitute for the love they most long for. Those humans teach their children from this place of distilled anguish and lack and from this, we have bred generation after generation of hungry and poor manipulators. 

In the beginning, it truly is about survival. If the adults taking care of us don't find us valuable or lovable, there is a very real chance that we will not get our needs met and therefore we will not survive. Our very first inklings of manipulation (within ourselves and towards those around us) stem simply from our desire to survive. 

And now, here we fumble, here we reach, here we battle... doing our very best to touch and taste the love we long for... still struggling for survival. 

...through the many years I have offered this work I have witnessed a purity come forth... a sense of peace, a momentary lifting of who we have thought we had to be in order to survive, through to genuinely touchingwho we are. So many books talk about 'stop doing, just be', 'trust yourself', 'act from: what would love do?', but while we may relate to the concept that they massage open in us, many of us are still rarely experiencing, tasting the sweet truth, the simple purity of love, the 'indelible truths at one's core' as Cloud Atlas states. 

Once we touch this, everything changes. I cannot describe this change to you... as one of my teachers Nita Rubio says... It's like trying to describe the ocean to someone who has never seen it, the description will always be lacking compared to the experience. 

I invite you to join me this weekend to have a taste of this sweet nectar of your being. 

For an intro to Tantra with lecture and Q & A... join me on Friday at the 'Tantric Taster'... 

For an in-depth ritual of awakening... join me on Saturday of our 'Evening of Awakening'... 

I am so grateful to hold a key to support you in opening these doors inside of yourself. I consider it a privilege and an honor. Is this the weekend that you say 'yes'? 

in love, 

P.S. for those who are not in the Los Angeles area... you can say 'yes' this weekend too, by joining our online community www.TantricLivingMembership.com 

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Posted on October 30, 2012 .