What are you doing to support yourself in entering into new territory?

A Note from Charu...


Last night was our second gathering for our five week preparation class leading up to the level 2 Intimacy Experience. It was led by our beautiful guest teacher Nita Rubio who has been a personal teacher of mine for several years.

I love feeling the weaving of this community. The vulnerability of the participants, the tenderness with which they are supporting one another, and even the challenges that are already beginning to surface as we enter into uncharted territory.

Nita shared with us an ancient Chakra clearing practice that we will all commit to for 21 days leading up to our immersion. This allows us to enter into the event in a space of receptivity so we can truly integrate the deep work we will do.

What are you doing to support yourself in entering into new territory? To allow more pleasure and love into your life? What have you set aside that brought you joy? What can you do to rediscover that side of yourself?

...Transformation does require choice and investment. As far as I have seen, it can't be forced, but even a shift that is ready to be made cannot be made without your initiative.

I know that for some of you, that choice will begin here, by investing in an Embody Tantra event or home-study.

If now is the moment for you to dive in, I'd like to gift you with a free month of membership to our Tantric Living Online Community (see link below my signature). This is an extensive archive of practices, interviews, lectures and even videos to begin your Tantric practice.

You're welcome! ;)

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Posted on October 14, 2013 .