What does it really mean to say 'yes' to yourself?

'Taking responsibility' is a big buzz phrase these days, as is 'say yes to life'... But what do these two phrases really mean? How do we do these things in a way that is truly authentic for us? 

I find that all too often people throw around these phrases and even morph them to actually support their unhealthy stories. I have seen this show up as beating themselves up internally, taking so much 'responsibility' that they feel they personally are the cause for everything and allowing others in their life to get away with treating them poorly. And I have seen it as saying 'yes' to everything that shows up, leaving behind discernment and ultimately feeling like a victim when the outcomes of the things they said 'yes' to didn't ultimately honor them. 

In this video I give a crystal clear, powerful method for saying 'yes' and making sure you don't leave yourself behind. 

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Posted on October 9, 2012 .