Men: Every time you enter her, consider this...


What are you looking for when you have sex with a woman? Pleasure? Release? An ego boost? An orgasm? What is it that drives you sexually?

When a woman opens her legs to you, whether she even knows it or not, she is sharing a part of herself with you.

What you bring to this encounter will effect her - whether you will be with her for just one night or for the rest of your life. EVERY sexual encounter will leave it's mark.

This video shares some insight on how to better understand what really happens for her in lovemaking. Once you understand this, a simple shift in perspective can create better sex for you AND can truly honor her.

Have you been enjoying these videos? Do they raise more questions for you?

Join Martin and I Wednesday, LIVE March 25th at 5:30pm PST! We will be answering your questions about love + sex and finally announcing the Men's home study course on this free call!

Here are the details:

Title: 'Be the best lover - Q & A' 
Date & Time: Wednesday, March 25th at 5:30pm Pacific

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Guest pin code: 929570# 
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100 
Secondary dial in number: (323) 476-3997 
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