'I’ve Spent a Lifetime Trying to Avoid Feeling Bad' ~By Barry

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Tantra: What I "FEEL" it is! 

Well……it’s a whole bunch of stuff.

* Tantra is getting out of your head and dropping into the body.

I spent eight years studying, and practicing esoteric teaching and wisdom only to realize that I was living life from the nose up…the intellect was having a field day analyzing any sort of sensation or emotion. I must say that this work was helpful in many ways, though didn’t realize it until I went to to level 1 and had an opening that I had been cut off from feeling for all those years. 

When I am conscious and do Tantric practice to drop my awareness into my body…even as deep as my BALLS…the mind slows down and I become present in my body and "connect with me". From this grounded place, I feel more and others can feel and experience me on a deeper level. No words are needed to be connected and present with another person…oh, that leads to the next point…

* Tantra is accepting our (my) dark side as well as the light

Tantra is about feeling life and its emotional ups and downs. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid feeling “bad”. Hiding and/or repressing our dark side(s) can manifest as dissatisfaction, depression, self-judgment and shame, which ultimately can become energetic blocks that are thought to cause illness. By flipping this around and going into the pain of an emotion, I’ve experienced the lightness.

* Tantra is removing energy blocks in the body.

Repressed emotions over a lifetime manifest themselves as blocks in the body that restrict the flow of energy. From my experience, by moving into the emotional hurt, we release this stuck energy and create space for freer movement of energy in the body. Releasing these stuck emotions is like taking weight out of the backpack. Every time I release something, there is a feeling of lightness that feels like physical weight has been lifted.

* Tantra is tapping into sexual energy

As emotional blocks get removed there is space for energy from the sexual center to move up and through the body. Moving this energy can be very pleasurable and is referred to as a Tantric orgasm. Through the Tantric practice, one learns to feel and move this energy. This energy is always there and ready to tap into whenever needed or desired.

* Tantra is living consciously…awakening!

As in many teachings, living consciously or being present is where the awakening happens. With practice and vigilance one learns to be present first for a few seconds and then minutes.

* Tantra is about discovering the things that hold you back in life.

We all have had our experiences and come fully equipped with baggage. Often times our early sexual experiences can have a great impact on how we interact in our personal relationships, especially in regards to sex and how we feel about bodies. Tantra is about discovering or simply working through the traumas so we can gain freedom. Facing the fears and pains, and not overriding them, does this. From my experience I have touched into long repressed anger that I didn’t know was there and I felt physically lighter after releasing it.

* Tantra is deep and profound love making

By practicing all the above, the body and heart are opened and the mind is quieted which sets the stage for deep connection between two lovers. Being in connection with myself allows me to be open with my lover. Practicing synchronized breathing and other exercises deepen that connection. It’s a whole different experience than conventional sex. So much richer!

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Posted on June 18, 2015 .