Teacher Trainers Graduate - And More

Photo: Teacher Trainers - Before teaching their first weekend immersion...

Photo: Teacher Trainers - Before teaching their first weekend immersion...

It's been a while since I've connected with you and there is so much to share. Ever since I spoke to you all about shifting the structure of Embody Tantra, I have been behind the scenes continuing to share with the community and completing programs that were already scheduled!

The most thrilling thing for me to share is that our teacher trainers have finished the 'Your Body of Work' module. This is the most intense module of my teacher training, created especially for those who not only want to bring this work into the world, but also for the few brave souls who want to experience transformation real-time by exploring what we can discover about ourselves when we step out as a voice and a leader. 

It can be terrifying. Who am I to do this? Why should anyone listen to me? What do I know?

No matter who we are, when we step out, we face these questions. The trick is to keep showing up even when the answers are unclear.

When I set out to create this training, I was clear that I wanted the trainers to already have a strong foundation in the Tantric work so we could focus our energy on what it truly means to be a teacher. The training was intended to be an awakening process of its own, but that awakening would come through as they learned to be the best possible guides they could be. Sharing such powerful work is a huge responsibility, and I want the teachers that I train to be fully prepared for whatever their students need. 

They faced questions like: How can you stand strong inside of yourself even when faced with a group of uncertain and sometimes resistant students? How can you lovingly hold for them when they are facing things they are afraid of?

This training was rigorous. I wanted them to have as many experiences as possible teaching this work so they could ask questions and gain clarity and realizations on what students really need to become the very best teachers they could be.

Each trainer was in practice daily with practices they would be teaching to their students and clients. Every week they taught a practice to a partner within the training, wrote an article and received feedback. Every month they had to promote and teach their own class. After the first month of training they took on private clients, offering 10 paid private sessions before the completion of the module. Finally, they co-lead a Level 1 Awaken Weekend with 22 participants! This totaled almost 50 hours in teaching experience in only 4 months time!

Here you can see them pictured after teaching their first weekend event, surrounded by old friends from the community who showed up to be their students and celebrate their accomplishment!

I could not be more proud of what they have accomplished and created. I have watched each of them uncover parts of themselves that will serve them not only as teachers and guides, but also as partners, parents and friends.

Coming up very soon I will be announcing a brand new offering for the community. I'm so excited about this as it is something I have wanted to share for a long time, something that will bring more depth about the ancient roots of Tantra to the work we have been doing

I've actually created this next course to bring even more presence and power to our teacher trainers. It will be a required module for the teacher training certification, but it's also a stand-alone course and everyone who has completed the Level 1 with Embody Tantra will be invited to join! Be on the look out for the announcement!

With love,



Here is a fun pic of each of the trainers being honored and celebrated on the eve of their completion.

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