The weekend that changed my life. May 4+5 Intro Weekend!

*You are reading a guest article from, Embody Tantra trained teacher Rosalie Amber Grace.*


Hi! I’m Rosalie. Four years ago I attended my first official Tantra event. I had no idea what I was getting myself into - I only trusted the deep and resounding “YES” from my body.

Before I came to Tantra, I was pretty much living from the neck up. I felt perpetually confused and entangled in unconscious relationship dynamics, and yet I knew that there was something more. I had tasted glimpses of feeling alive and connected to something deeper and greater than myself. But I had no idea how to access that in my daily life or in my relationships. I fell so deeply in love with this work and have spent these years deep in study. I now teach and share the practices that supported me so much with my community.

It was The Awaken Weekend that showed me the door into a universe of deliciousness available through my body that I had never even dreamed possible.

During the weekend I experienced an energetic awakening that I feel is foundational for the pleasure and aliveness I am capable of experiencing today - and that I continue to cultivate through daily practice from the seeds planted at that time.

It felt like a portal unlocked inside, and the tension in my body that was holding me back from my power, and also from feeling uncomfortable emotions and sensations, was released. I experienced waves of emotions and tremors of energy in my body unlike anything I had experienced before. At the end of the experience, I felt indescribably alive, sensual and open.

I learned that accessing the “stuck” energy wound in my body and letting it move was the same doorway to accessing my orgasmic potential.

I learned that I didn’t need to push away any part of myself - my sexuality, fears, or vulnerability to experience the belonging and freedom that I craved.

The Awaken Weekend showed me what was possible - how alive, awake, and turned on it is possible to feel.

I hope that my experience can inspire those of you who have been on the fence to take the leap and join Charu for the upcoming Awaken Weekend in LA. I promise, what is waiting on the other side is so, so worth it!

~ Rosalie Amber Grace


Can you imagine embracing all parts of yourself? The tenderness, the sexuality, the fears, the pain? Join us for the upcoming The Awaken Weekend and be guided on a journey of awakening your body. This is a deeply accepting container of love to allow this level of integration.

*I’ve extended the EARLY BIRD RATE until THIS FRIDAY!*

May 4+5 . Los Angeles


Who is Rosalie?

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All my life I’ve been a seeker, filled with longing to intimately know and understand the world. Like many, I was hungry for the “spiritually correct” path. I learned about affirmations and nutrition. I studied yoga. But all this time something felt indescribably off. It felt like my sometimes wild, messy and unorthodox experience of living in a female body didn’t “fit” into this spiritual paradigm.. And certainly neither did my sexuality. I felt disconnected from my body, my feelings, and my aliveness. And then I found Tantra, and my whole being breathed a sigh of relief. At last, here was the feminine. Here was permission to be…..all of me. I am truly devoted to discovering what it truly means to be a woman and I’m devoted to supporting other women to do the same for themselves. I hold certifications in Fertility Awareness, Shamanic Herbalism and Ayurveda, Outdoor Education, Tantra and as a Birth Doula.

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Posted on April 9, 2019 .