Returning to Innocent Sensuality...

*You are reading a guest article from, Embody Tantra trained teacher Rosalie Amber Grace.*

As I eased into the practice, I allowed my body to relax more and more until I felt like I was floating. From this space I felt the habitual tension beginning to loosen. I felt the expectation to have a particular experience slowly falling away. I relaxed into subtle expansion rather than pushing for a breakthrough, which I might have done in the past.

I was left with a softness, an innocent sensuality infusing my whole being, In that moment I realized I can never be separated from my sexuality - it is never something I “have” or “don’t have,” it simply is...

Hi! I’m Rosalie.  

Confession….I am a self- improvement fanatic.

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I love going to the depths, having breakthroughs, and leaning into raw emotions. I have been known to purposely throw myself into the fire for the sake of transformation. But there was a sneaky trick at the bottom: I wanted to wake up, but also...I wanted to be better. I wanted to improve. Be good enough. Finally.

Now don’t get me wrong. Deep self work is absolutely a worthy endeavor. But what happens when all that work is based on trying to prove the worth that is the very ground of who we are?

Tantra has shown me the door. Tantra has shown me the path of softness.

With all the pushing, I was pushing past my feminine essence. I was missing the portal of subtlety that carries an infinite amount of love without efforting. I was forgetting that in actuality I can never be separate from love, or from my sexual power.

The truth is that having power does not mean having force over others. Power is an internal alchemy, born of deep listening and surrender to the holy truths residing in our bodies. That inextinguishable source of wisdom that resides within.

And it can be SO hard because we live in a culture that prioritizes a distorted mode of sexuality that is goal oriented and fraught with expectations and disconnection.  

It takes slow, loving practice to return to the wellspring of nourishment of our innate, sensual flow. And that’s why it can be so profound to do together.

The journey of liberating my sexuality, reclaiming pleasure and connecting deeper to my body is not one I could have, or can do alone (I’m still receiving support!)

Whether you have been struggling with embodying your sexuality/sensuality, want to create more intimacy in your relationship, or just want to establish a deeper, juicier connection to yourself, getting support is essential in order to get the most out of this Tantric work.

It is one of my deepest joys and an absolute honor to hold a loving container for individuals and couples to access their deep essence and healing wisdom and working with Charu, beginning with her Awaken Weekend, has been a huge part of my process.

~ Rosalie Amber Grace

 Are you ready to rediscover your innocent sensuality? To move beyond goal oriented sexual experiences to discover something deeply nourishing. Join us for the upcoming The Awaken Weekend and be guided on a journey of awakening your body. This is a deeply accepting container of love to allow this level of integration.

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Who is Rosalie?

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All my life I’ve been a seeker, filled with longing to intimately know and understand the world. Like many, I was hungry for the “spiritually correct” path. I learned about affirmations and nutrition. I studied yoga. But all this time something felt indescribably off. It felt like my sometimes wild, messy and unorthodox experience of living in a female body didn’t “fit” into this spiritual paradigm.. And certainly neither did my sexuality.

I felt disconnected from my body, my feelings, and my aliveness. And then I found Tantra, and my whole being breathed a sigh of relief. At last, here was the feminine. Here was permission to be…..all of me. I am truly devoted to discovering what it truly means to be a woman and I’m devoted to supporting other women to do the same for themselves. I hold certifications in Fertility Awareness, Shamanic Herbalism and Ayurveda, Outdoor Education, Tantra and as a Birth Doula.

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Posted on August 28, 2019 .