[VIDEO] When you want different things in the bedroom...


I have a question for you...

What is great sex? What does that mean to you specifically?

How is great sex different than what you are experiencing?

There was a couple I worked with years ago and they came to me both having very different things they wanted in the bedroom.

What do we do when this is the case? FYI: It often is. How do we both get our needs met?

In this video, I share that couple's story.

This couple had only been together about 2 years when they first began working with me… they were intimate and loved each other very much. They had both been married and divorced before.

His previous relationship had been stagnant and he never wanted to be bored again. He loved his sexuality and he wanted to infuse his new relationship with Tantric practices so they could stay vibrant, alive and engaged and exploring.

For the woman, she never enjoyed sex within her marriage. She was excited to explore in this new relationship. But while she was open to this exploration, she was longing for a deep connection in lovemaking and since her partner's goal was excitement and intensity, she hadn’t yet felt that depth of connection she longed for with him.

In the video above, find out what happened at one of my Intro to Tantra weekends that allowed them to BOTH receive what they most longed for.

We still have a couple of spaces left for the upcoming Intro to Tantra, The Awaken Weekend if you are ready to start experiencing your sexuality in a new way, whether you are on your own or with a partner... this is the perfect place to begin.

The Awaken Weekend . Intro To Tantra
Oct 5+6 . Santa Monica, CA
*Individuals and couples welcome

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Posted on September 30, 2019 .