[VIDEO] Secret to great s*ex isn't what you think...

Some of us long for a kind of lovemaking that is absolute union. Where it isn't just about my body and your body, but it's about something beyond both of us. Where it can become a portal to something precious and beautiful... we have a hunger inside for this, but have not known how to access it.

In this short clip from our 'Virtual Taster Class' last week I share a vital piece of the puzzle for beginning to open the door to this union.

It's probably not what you think.

I also have some good news for those of you who want to get a Taste of Tantra!

Due to some technical difficulties, we will be re-doing our Taster event THIS THURSDAY 7pm PST!! If you missed it the first time, you can catch it LIVE this time!

For those who attended or purchased last time, it is FREE to attend this time. If you did not book a space last time, you can purchase here:


Thursday, Sept 19th 2019

Individuals $20

Couples (or 2 friends watching together) $30

If you are ready to commit to a weekend that could change everything in how you experience intimacy and sexuality... we still have spaces available for the Oct 5+6 Intro To Tantra, The Awaken Weekend. Click here for more info and to register: www.TheAwakenWeekend.com

Excited to keep sharing with you and opening you to new worlds!



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Posted on September 16, 2019 .