Anger and Orgasm

When was the last time you got really angry? I mean total fury pulsing through your veins? The kind of anger where you feel like a switch flips inside of you and although you know enough to not hurt anyone, that animal part of you that wants to hurt someone wants to gets activated?

Can't remember? 

Have you ever really allowed yourself to feel that angry? 

Do you have a practice that soothes your body so you don't go to those extremes anymore? 

Is anger something that you have 'grown out of' now that you have started meditating?

Many of us were raised in a household where anger was not allowed (or worse, maybe others expressed their anger at you, but you were not allowed to express yours) we may have gotten the idea that anger is a bad thing, that it hurts people (the way we were hurt) and that it should be avoided at all costs.

I've also noticed a challenging and counter-productive trend in a lot of the spiritual concepts that we are looking to on our evolving journey: an idea that you should try to maintain a calm, “zen” state at all times. That experiencing or expressing anger is a sign that you are in reaction, your ego is in control and you are waaaaay less enlightened than you want to be. 

It is possible that you are in reaction and triggered by something in your past when this happens, but tamping it down again and striving for a seemingly relaxed or 'even' state is not a great idea. 

In this video, I’ll tell you what you’re sacrificing when you do that, and what you can do instead to harness the incredible pure power of your anger...and how it will affect your orgasm.

'Tantrikas' (those who practice Tantra) have a powerful perspective on life. We are looking for opportunities to 'ride the waves' rather than decide on what we believe life should be looking like and forcing it.

One of my teachers put it beautifully, "You cannot let go of something you haven't fully touched." if we keep skirting over our anger in order to mimic what we think an enlightened state should look like, we have not actually transcended anything at all. We are kidding ourselves, keeping ourselves small....and limiting our capacity for pleasure.

You can watch the video & make comments here:

Anger and Orgasm

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